• We convert your ideas into MQL language executable on the MetaTrader platform. This can be an Expert Advisor, an Indicator, a Script or a Library. Both MT3 and MT4 programming is supported.
  • We provide translation of scripts from MetaTrader 3 to MetaTrader 4 and vice versa if possible. Such a translation takes usually about 1h per 100 lines of standard code. Note that the above estimation does not include testing of translated software.

We are charging per hour. Our hourly rate is €110. The standard EA based on one (custom) indicator costs takes about 4 hours (440€). The standard EA includes following functionality:

  • Generate buy/sell signals based on an indicator. All indicator inputs are available for optimization purpose as EA inputs;
  • Input position size. Number of lots is automatically adjusted for account type (standard/mini) and minimum lot step size (1/0.1/0.01). Position size can be also input as risk percentage and when the stop loss is set then it defines acount risk;
  • Stop loss (it can be disabled);
  • Take profit (it can be disabled);
  • Trailing stop including adjustable trailing start level (it can be disabled);
  • Break Even with break even level (it can be disabled);
  • Maximum spread protection;
  • Slippage input;
  • Trade bar position - makes possible to trade intrabar or on closed bars;
  • One trading window (e.g. from 7:00 to 19:00, but it can be set to continuous mode too);
  • Screen shot debug function. When set true a screen shot is made for every position opening and closing. This allows to analyze trade set-ups and check the execution.

All extra functionality is quoted on hourly base above this basic price. There are no discounts for removing of basic functionality.

Indicators are usually take 2 hours (220€).

All prices are exclusive tax. There are two tax options:

  1. For customers from the territory of the European Union: 21% VAT applies;
  2. For customers from outside the EU: 0% VAT applies. You need to verify this for example by a validated PayPal delivery address.

A typical delivery time is within 5-10 business days after clearing the payment. For larger projects delivery time is estimated separately.

You can order our services here.

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