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Instant Orders Symbol S'identifier pour les prix s'il vous plaît

This is enhancement of Instant Orders made on request of a trader Eusebio Nanni. The main change is that these scripts allow for setting parameters per each symbol separately. So for example you can have different StopLoss and TakeProfit settings for EURUSD and GBPJPY. There are also five new scripts written s-CloseNowSymbol, s-HedgeNowSymbol, s-CloseAllNowSymbol, s-HedgeAllNowSymbol, s-MultipleCloseByNowSymbol and one indicator i-ShowInputsSymbol.

There are 6 scripts and 1 indicator in the package:

s-BuyNowSymbol - executes a market buy order;
s-SellNowSymbol - executes a market sell order;
s-BuySellNowSymbol - places both, a buy and a sell order at the same time;
s-SetInputsSymbol - a script for the pre-assignment of default order values like position size, stop loss, take profit, slippage, comment and magic number;
s-CloseNowSymbol - closes (part of) the most profitable order. Number lots to close can be set separately via s-SetInputsSymbol;
s-HedgeNowSymbol - this script is an alternative to the s-CloseNowSymbol script. Instead of closing a portion of the trade, the s-HedgeNowSymbol script hedges it with an opposite order. If the opened trade was a buy (resp. a sell), the s-HedgeNowSymbol makes a sell (resp. a buy). The trade size used by the s-HedgeNowSymbol is the adequate CloseLots parameter value. It is the responsibility of the trader to later make a "Close By" or a "Multiple Close By" to clean all the hedged positions. This way, the time limitation for "scalp" trades is overcome;
s-CloseAllNowSymbol : this script closes all the current opened trades on the pair it is applied. For example, if there are 3 opened trades on EURUSD, whatever their remaining size, it closes the 3 trades.
s-HedgeAllNowSymbol : this script hedges all the current opened trades with a global opposite trade. For example, let suppose there are 3 Long (resp. Short) opened trades on the EURUSD with the following size : 0.5 lot, 1 lot, 1 lot, then the script must Sell (resp. Buy) 2.5 lots for the EURUSD.
s-MultipleCloseByNowSymbol : closes by all opposite orders saving on spread.
i-ShowInputsSymbol - display a comment with input parameters for a current chart's symbol.

To install the scripts do the following:
1. Unzip the files to c:\Program Files\Metatrader4\experts\scripts
2. (Re)strat Metatrader. After this you should see the scripts in the navigator tree under the scripts branch.
3. Make sure that you enable expert advisors
4. Make sure that you enable live trading in expert advisors' options
5. Run s-SetInputsSymbol script and input your defaults
6. Assign hot keys to s-BuyNow, s-SellNow and s-BuySellNow scripts
7. Enjoy and beat the market :)

For customers who already purchased InstantOrders and would like to buy InstantOrdersSymbol too I'm offering a €100 discount. Please e-mail me for the discount code.

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Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le jeudi 10 juin 2010.
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