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Instant Orders S'identifier pour les prix s'il vous plaît

Instant Orders scripts accelerate placing of market orders with a preassigned size, stop loss, take profit, comment, slippage and magic number. Instead of opening a new order window it is possible to place an order with a single button click when you assign a hot key to the script. A demonstration is shown on the video.

There are 4 scripts in the package:

s-BuyNow - executes market buy order;
s-SellNow - executes market sell order;
s-BuySellNow - places both, buy and sell order at the same time;
s-SetInputs - script for pre-assignment of default order values like position size, stop loss, take profit, slippage, comment and magic number.

To install the scripts do the following:
1. Unzip the files to c:\Program Files\Metatrader4\experts\scripts
2. (Re)strat Metatrader. After this you should see the scripts in the navigator tree under the scripts branch.
3. Make sure that you enable expert advisors
4. Make sure that you enable live trading in expert advisors' options
5. Run s-SetInputs script and input your defaults
6. Assign hot keys to s-BuyNow, s-SellNow and s-BuySellNow scripts
7. Enjoy and beat the market :)

scripts are a good alternative for the AutoKey product. Moreover they are faster, as AutoKey waits for a next tick before placing an order. These scripts are placing order instantly after pressing a hot key.

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Ce produit a été ajouté à notre catalogue le mardi 17 mars 2009.
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